Protest demonstrations held in different parts of the country against the barbaric genocide of the Palestinian people by Israel

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Call for an immediate cessation of the barbaric attack


New Delhi, 18 July 2014. Terming the ongoing Israeli attack on the ordinary citizens of Gaza as genocide, citizens, intellectuals, artists, students-youth, women and social activists held protest demonstrations, distributed pamphlets and took out bicycle rally between 13 July to 18 July in different parts of the country under the banner of Indian People in Solidarity with Gaza. Several other organisations also staged protest during this period.

On 13 July, hundreds of people assembled in front of the Israeli embassy in Delhi at 11 am on the call given by Indian People in Solidarity with Gaza. They raised anti-Zionist, anti-imperialist, anti-Israeli and pro-Palestinian slogans and opposed the Israeli genocide. Several people put forward their viewpoint on the issue.  Kavita Krishnapallavi, while moderating the meeting, said that we express our solidarity with the innocent people of Gaza and demand the immediate cessation of the Israeli genocide. She said that the silence of the governments all over the world including that of India on this barbaric genocide is condemnable. The Indian government must ask Israel to stop the killing of innocent. In case Israel fails to do so the Indian government must sever its diplomatic ties with Israel. Those who put forward their views beside her included Delhi University professor Apoorvanand, , Ali Javed, journalist Bhupen Singh, American human rights activist Suzane Adley, Laxman Singh, Akbar, JNU student Lata and  DU student Arvind.

On the evening of 13 July itself, several organisations held demonstration in front of the Israeli consulate in Mumbai under the banner of Indian People in Solidarity with Gaza. The protestors raised anti-Zionist and anti-imperialist slogans. The main organisations participating  in this demonstration included Indo-Palestine Solidarity Forum, Bigul Mazdoor Dasta, University Community of Democracy and Equality (UCDE), Naujawan Bharat Sabha, Republican Panther, Dalit Atyachar Virodhi Kriti Samiti, Bharat Bachao Andolan, Vidyarthi Bharti, Federation of Minorities of Maharashtra, Muslim intellectual forum, Phule-Ambedkar Vichar Manch, Institute for Peace studies and Conflict Resolution. Since it was holiday on the day of demonstration, the memorandum could not be submitted to the Israeli embassy, it was sent through fax the next day.

On the same evening the citizens, intellectuals, artists, students-youth, women and social activists took out a protest march in Lucknow under the banner of Indian People in Solidarity with Gazaitself. The protestors demanded an immediate end of the Israeli attack. The march began from Sarojini Naidu Park at 5pm and while passing through Hazratganj it reached GPO. The protestors distributed pamphlets to the people during the course of march. Katyayani, the poetess associated with Stree Mukti League, said that despite the protest all over the world, the Israeli government is continuing its offensive even as the governments across the world have remained a mute spectator to this genocide. 152 people have been killed and more than thousand people  have been seriously injured and disabled in just 5 days of bombing. Almost half of the dead and injured constitute children, women and old-aged. And yet Israel is brazenly repeating the argument that it is launching this attack in “self defence”. So it is forced to take the lives of infants, old-aged women and hospitalised patients just to secure itself from the few rockets launched by Hamas, the Palestinian organisation! Even the United Nations is unable to see this state terrorism of Israel. A memorandum addressed to the Government of India was passed during the demonstration which was sent through the district administration the next day.  In the memorandum it has been demanded that the Indian government must condemn the Israeli attack and it must call for an immediate cessation of killings of innocent in the Gaza Strip. In case Israel fails to do so, the Indian government must sever its diplomatic relations with Israel. Also, the Indian government must put forward a proposal to call an emergency meeting of the United Nations.

Protest demonstration was held even in Allahabad on the same day and a bicycle rally was taken out as well. Various meetings were held during the protest demonstration organised by Shaheed Bhagat Singh Vichar Manch and Stree Mukti League and pamphlets were distributed exhorting people to raise their voice against the Zionist Israeli attack in Gaza.

The next day, i.e. on 14 July, the Indian People in Solidarity with Gaza also participated in another protest demonstration on the call of the students of JNU, AISA, JNUSU, NAPAM, SFI, DYFI etc. The police took resort to lathi-charge on the students doing peaceful demonstration and Kavita Krishnan of CPI(ML), students of JNU and activists of Indian People in Solidarity with Gaza were injured and they were detained and were released only at 5pm.

In Hyderabad, a group of youth, students and professors including members of Revolutionary Writers Association and Human Rights Forum gathered before the Ambedkar Statue at Tank Bund in the afternoon of 16th July to protest the massacre of Palestinians in Gaza by Israel. People carried placards opposing the occupation of Palestine by Israel as well as the occupation of Kashmir by India. Links were drawn between the Indian’s state’s militarized policy of waging war on innocent people and its military collaboration with Israel on the same.

On 17 July, another demonstration was held in Delhi in front of the Israeli embassy itself. This demonstration was jointly organised by Indian People in Solidarity with Gaza, Palestinian Solidarity Committee, All India Peace Solidarity Organisation. On this occasion, Apporv (Indian People in Solidarity With Gaza), Prabir Purkayasth (Palestine Solidarity Committee in India), Nilotpal Basu (AIPSO), Sudhakar Reddy ( General Secretary CPM), Mohd. Salim ( MP, CPM) and Kavita Krishnan (CPI-ML) condemned the Zionist-implerialist attack and expressed their solidarity with the Palestinian resistance.

On the same evening, in Banaglore, hundreds of ordinary citizens, intellectuals, students under the banner of People’s Solidarity Concerns-Bangalore expressed their anger against the genocide of Palestinian people. On this occassion, apart from several organisations, ordinary citizens carrying hatred against the Israeli barbarism were present in large numbers.

Sandeep Samwad

Pictures of protest demonstrations against Israel’s attack on Gaza

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